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We invest our time first to ensure your investment is safe.

Having an idea does not mean you will be the next “Mark Zuckerberg” of tech revolution. We help you to evaluate it technically and help you to understand all its pros and cons. Only when we feel, it is safe to invest in it, we will take up the project. We are a renowned IT company, but for us it important that we generate renowned businesses too.

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Few hours of our research can direct your App in the right direction. We are the first App company in Australia that does a complete research on the concept’s viability and then takes the project further. We are not the “Yes-man” team. We love to call spade a “spade”.

With our direct approach, you can stay assured that your investment will be worth it. Your App will do good in the market.

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We design, develop, test and launch you App. Once you give us the project, we handle the viability analysis to the launch stages at our end and give you a turnkey solution.

Uber, Air tasker, Facebook, Airbnb, Real estate and Tinder. We have done apps like all of them. You can check it in our portfolio of Apps.

We offer 24 hours turnaround quotations. It simply means that you do not have to wait for days and weeks to hear back from some overrated consultant to know the cost of your dream. You deserve a faster answer and we make sure it happens. How much will my App cost? Pay for the finished work , nothing else !!

We work with 3rd party consultants who have years of experience in core development and hold certifications like six sigma, NASSCOM, CMMI5,PMP,IATA and VB management.

We also use their services time to time on contractual basis.

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FAQ'S For Mobile App Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start with iOS or Android. There’s no need for you to maintain a particular software that you need to start. Supportsoft makes sure you can start with your software which can help you to build your business easily. They aim to deliver high-quality solutions and timely responsive devices which benefit the clients and customers where they can develop a maximum value of money. You can simply start by using Supportsoft’s App Development Services which are one of the best in Sydney which helps you with designing and maintaining your projects and reach your business to a higher level.
Yes, unfortunately, mobile apps can be expensive. A single user interface might cost you thousands of dollars which can be a bit problematic for the user to buy to develop their business but Suppersoft makes sure that the price you are paying will be worth it where you can develop your mobile apps as it is one of the best App Development Company in Australia. The Development project costs you a lot but Supportsoft makes sure your money doesn’t go to waste when you are paying such a huge price to develop mobile apps for both android and iOS.
Generally, an app costs range between $40,000 to $60,000 and a medium complexity project ranges from $61,000 to $120,000 whereas the least investment for a complex app costs $120,000 which can be pretty expensive but Supportsoft enables the user to invest their money by providing the best results for their business like provide innovative solutions to the clients and use multifunctional products and services of Google to offer value-added solutions. Supportsoft is one of the best mobile development app companies where users can develop both iPhone apps and android apps.
Generally, apps can be developed within the duration of 3 months to 9 months depending on the time frame and solutions of the app can be time-consuming but the most important where it will take more time in writing a project brief which includes one or two weeks. Supportsoft makes sure that the app is developed by professionals who are trained and well-skilled with the products and services they offer to clients and customers. The technologies at Supportsoft are exceptionally good which provides the best results for the clients. There are separate app developers for both iOS and android who help you with all the app developments for your company. The apps can be built quickly but the quality takes time where it may vary from two weeks to two years long to create masterpieces.
The hybrid app is a web app that can be built on HTML5 or JavaScript whereas a Native app can be used where the user can download most of the content when you first install the app. The hybrid app requires less maintenance when compared to the native app whereas the native app functions faster and quickly than then Hybrid app. It stores most of the information on your page and navigates through the application. Supportsoft whales the user to use both the apps for their mobile development app. You can find it as one of the most insightful companies in Sydney, Australia where the users can develop their mobile apps with their services.
Supportsoft is known for the main leads of Android and iOS and other business apps where they can develop the client’s apps and deliver one of the best results to the user. They also include factors such as agriculture, mining, aerospace where they can facilitate management. Supportsoft apps are used by Australian universities and large pharmaceutical companies. The payment plans of Supportsoft ranges between $25 to $49 per hour and charge $10,000 plus money for some time. They will also fix any of your urgent work if needed and also promote and market your apps as well.
Yes, one of the best things about Supportsoft is it is known for its allowance for the users to check if everything works out well and until they are satisfied they can tell the changes which they need to the company for the services they offer to the clients. Users can see the app during development where they can understand the process of developing a mobile app and suggest necessary changes if required in the process. There are few steps which are down while developing a mobile app and if the liners are not happy or satisfied with any of the outcome of the steps they can pitch out solutions for high quality to their needs as well and the Supportsoft company takes consideration of their suggestions and implements them to the process.
It’s always a scary thought when you take services from app development companies where you feel this way. Generally, an app fails when it is not tested out properly or if any bugs impact the user’s experience which is prone to cash. Supportsoft makes sure that the users do not feel disappointed with their app and implements the best innovative resolutions and results where they don’t fear this question. The team offers services in app development for iOS and android where they have developers who take care of everything from the scratch like maintaining and designing to bring out the best app to the clients until they are satisfied with the outcome.
Yes, companies do marketing your app. If the app is developed by the company then they tend to make sure to help you with the marketing of the app as well. Supportsoft makes sure they Kartra the app of the user to provide the best results and value-added money to their client’s business. This is like the only company you will find in Austria’s to deliver results that satisfy the customer and keep the client’s business float. Supportsoft targets a marketing audience who will be interested to know the details of your app furthermore to invest in it and also help you to learn how to reach them. The company also helps you with how to communicate with them and helps you with analysing the in-app development and changes necessary for the user to experience it. .
Yes, you can get refunds. There are different refunds given by different companies where you need to thoroughly read the company's policies and understand the procedure on how to get a refund then you can apply for it. Supportsoft makes sure that the refunds for the clients are given based on valid reasons rather than faking the need for refunds as the time and amount will be wasted to develop the app. In case if you change your mind and do not want to pursue further and wish to get a refund then you can simply contact the support team of the company and talk to them via call or email where they respond within 2-3 working days with the problem. Furthermore, Supportsoft is Australia’s largest technology companies which provide services in the IT field, corporate organisations and government services too. The reach of the company is enormous to different industrial-technological companies as well.
Yes after the app has finished you can get all the intellectual property rights. In this increasing mobile app development world, it is okay to be cautious and worried about the intellectual property aspects but it is also important to know when you can get these rights. Supportsoft makes sure you get the intellectual property rights after the completion of the process of app development through the mobile application. It’s like any other aspect of your business these rights should be well-protected and maintained as well. Your intellectual property rights can be with you up to 70 years even after the author's death. If you hire a company or any other anonymous person the duration of the copyright will be up to 95 years and creation and publication will be up to 120 years. It has great professionals as developers in android and iOS.

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