Got a new website click? Incredible! What's next? How can you make your audience spend more time on your website? The longer your guests stay on your site, the more engaged they'll be, and the higher the opportunity for them to convert as your client. It is a well-known fact that the first 5 seconds a visitor spends on your website can either make a client or break a client.

As a business owner, the last thing you would want is the users to leave as quickly as they arrive. Not only does it mark a dent in the brand’s presence, but also high website bounce rates have a negative impact on the SEO ranking of a website.

We brainstormed and did our research to find a few ways how you can keep people on your website longer. Let’s get started.


Fast loading speed is the ultimate key

 The probability of somebody leaving your site is far more noteworthy when it won't load. It doesn't take long for a client to grow frustrated and abandon a site. Furthermore, when they leave your site, they won't return. The best content in the world won’t help your website grow if your site is taking minutes to load.

There are several steps you can take on your site to reduce page loading time. For example Image compression which reduces the size of unnecessarily large images which in turn can have a huge impact on a website's loading time. If your website is taking more time than it should then get in touch with your developers & ask them to review the website from each corner and get it fixed.


Use engaging content- both Video and post

Many of your visitors would choose to watch a video rather than read a text. When clients see a site, they will foster a moment's impression of it. It possibly requires seconds for them to choose if they like or dislike what it looks like and how it affects them. Add value to your website by making it more engaging. Bring in what your audience wants.


Sprinkle call to action wisely

Readers tend to leave your site once after just hovering over one page.

In any case, with a proper Call to action (CTA), you can convince them to remain on your site.

A call-to-action may look like this

  • Read more
  • Check out
  • Buy now
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

Yet, the inquiry is, are your users seeing that call to action? The issue with a static CTA put underneath the substance region of your post is that the greater part of your guests will quite often disregard it.

One of the best ways to deal with this is using a slide-in opt-in. An animated slide-in tends to grab more attention without disturbing your audience.


Setup exit intent pop up

Whenever most guests abandon your website forever, that implies your showcasing endeavours will go to waste.

With an exit-intent popup, you can identify when your guest plans to leave your site and brief them with a designated mission to remain locked in.

Exit-intent popups are profoundly successful on the grounds that they're eye-catching without upsetting your guests.

Here's a list of things you can do with an exit-intent popup to keep your visitors on your site:

  • Invite visitors to chat with your support agent

  • Recommend popular readable blog posts

  • Offer a lead magnet that is irresistible in exchange for joining your email list

Fulfil what your headline promises

Getting taps on your website title is certainly something, however, if you maintain that individuals should remain on your website longer, your content needs to match the title. Try not to allow your headline to make guarantees your content cannot fulfil.


Easy and Attractive content

Odd textual styles and stylish lettering are certain to drive off clients. Showcase that creativity somewhere else. If you have some messy, crazy, or obsolete textual styles on your site, take a stab at expanding line level and changing to a more standard textual style.

Individuals seldom read your substance in the same words. All things considered, they examine the page to select significant words and expressions.

Assuming your substance is made of long sentences and passages that are difficult to filter, nobody will stay close by to understand more. All things being equal, they'll pass on to observe content that is more straightforward to consume.

Here are a few quick and actionable tips you may follow to make your content more attractive:

  • Ensure readability

  • Break up your content

  • Use bullet points


Add testimonials

Users are there on your website for a reason, and if they don’t get what they came for, they will definitely leave. Add your client testimonials to attract visitor. They should find something reliable to hang in on there. Also, the thank you pages of your website should be more than just a confirmation. They in return would mark the exact moment when a cold visitor becomes a warm lead.



Let’s draw the curtains here. To sum up, we’ll suggest the best way to keep visitors engaged & hooked on your website is by trying different elements & monitoring their behaviour. Examine the behaviour the visitor is showing while exploring your website & gather the data to brainstorm new strategies. If this sounds too much burdensome to you then get in touch with our Web Design Sydney experts and we’ll help you create a website that will keep your audience hooked. Get in touch for a free quote now.