In this era of digitalization, nobody is looking at old ways to get their creative posts any sort of appreciation but why? While the traditional ways limit one’s audience, an online source would multiply the exposure to times unimaginable. This brings forth a plethora of opportunities for all the budding writers out there. So, for the ones who are looking to make money out of their written endeavors, WordPress is the perfect place for you.

Now, you must have heard about posting online blogs on WordPress but what you might not be aware of is that you can monetize it. But there are of course certain ways or steps, if one may, that need to be followed and kept in mind before your online journey towards money-making starts. So, let us look at how to earn money from a simple WordPress blog-

1.   Setup a fully-fledged blog

The first step to earning your own money through WordPress is by starting your blog. For that, firstly you have to choose a host for your blog. That means that there are companies on the website that will agree to host your blog and market it online to make money. Going for companies that would do it at a cheaper rate will be the way to go. Employing a host will make your work much more easily accessible to people all around the world. It offers amazing features as well and is very flexible.

Then you need to install the app and configure the settings to your liking. After all that is done and dusted, create a theme for your blog and start writing! Create an attractive title, write the content and add any featured image that goes with the blog. Do not forget to include tags as well. If you pay attention to these, for starters, you are good to go.

2.   Get Traffic to Your Blog

So, you are done with your writing, posted it on your blog, and are wondering what you can do to make it popular. But it is getting difficult by the minute to bring in more readers to your post. What can you do to remedy that? The answer is simple. After making sure that the quality of your blog is good, you have to advertise it on social media for a higher reach. Millions of users around the world are connected on social media so the reach you can have through that network can be unbelievable.

You can optimize your search engines so that it is easier to get access to your work. To increase the engagement with the users, try adding internal links to your other content on your WordPress blog post. Do try to improve the load time of your site to provide your users with the ultimate experience. Also, try to measure the performance on your blog to learn what to do and what not to do based on your experience.

3.   Monetize your WordPress Website

The next step after all of that hard work will be looking for ways to monetize your WordPress website. To do that you can place ads on your websites. These will appear on your site as pop-ups, static displays, or native ads. Another way would be to become an affiliate marketer which will rake in more profits from your blog. What an affiliate marketer does is promote third- party products on their blogs so that users who visit their blogs can purchase those items. You can alternatively choose to write blog posts that are sponsored.

After you have shared your expertise on a particular subject for free, you can add additional information to those by selling the content exclusively. Users can be provided the option to buy premium content on your blog which should cover a topic more extensively than your standard posts. You can also sell merchandise on your blog for some extra bucks. Offering membership to provide exclusive content to only members is another great way to make money off your blog.

Summing It Up

If you are looking to start a blogging account for your writing, WordPress would be a great place to start. With the above-mentioned information, you can even start to generate income from your written work very easily. Happy writing and happy earning.