2020 was an unusual year in every possible way you can think of, to say the least. The global pandemic has had a solid impact on every aspect of our lives. From how we behave and interact socially, to how we work and how businesses operate all over the world, it changed everything. Migrating to a digital business model isn’t an option anymore; it is what decides your survival. It has become the viable sole option to stay on the radar for a business, and this new flood has greatly opened the gate for advanced digital marketing strategies.

According to the industry experts the forecast for the first quarter of 2021 is going to stay the same. More and more businesses will have to move their business model online and allow their employees to keep working remotely. This “new normal” trend makes digital marketing the ultimate life saver for almost every business to stay afloat, attract new customers, retain current ones and generate more business. As the New Year draws closer, digital marketing enthusiasts and experts everywhere have started to explore and look around for the latest market trends to stay ahead of the rest.

We have crafted this blog, to discuss the top four trends that are going to take the digital marketing industry by surprise. This is conclusive of ours stems from our thorough industry research and market analysis. The trends listed below belong to multiple high-volume categories like classified search, social, website, more.

The Rise of AI Marketing

There is a reason that this is the #1 Digital Marketing Trend on this list. Over the past few years the world has been buzzing and humming about how Artificial Intelligence will take over almost every aspect of your lives in the coming future. Honestly speaking we’re a bit naive; the rise of AI has already begun. 70% of internet users have admitted that they have already interacted with an AI chatbot for solving their queries across multiple channels including but not limited to website and social media platforms.

According to recent research, most of the content we consume on the internet is fine-tuned and curated by AIs to drive more engagement. Based on the latest estimations this technology is so amazing and in demand that it is projected to be a $192 billion industry by 2024 and digital marketing companies have an amazing opportunity to exploit this.

Making sales through social media

It was already normal that people spend a majority of time perusing through different models of social media, during 2020 after the pandemic hit that time has exponentially increased. This simply translates to that businesses have more chances to attract a customer and make a sale via multiple social media platforms. That’s where their targeted users are, their job is made much easier with stoppable shopping ads. Online businesses need to ensure that they are reaching their audience group via multiple social media channels. Just having a high-end Shopify, Magento or Prestashop online website is not enough anymore.

Interactive content

The amount of interaction that people have on the internet has seen a drastic increase over the last few years. With users spending more and more time browsing the world of internet every day, it is of utmost importance to offer them a valuable experience. You want to forge an instant connection with your customers, and the best way to do it is with interactive content. It not only drives more engagement but it also leaves an impactful imprint in the minds of your customers.

Content marketing has been a hot trend in the digital spectrum for a while. However, when speaking of 2021 digital trends, it can be concluded more of a best practice. Providing interactive content to your audience is a tendency that adds a personal touch.

Local search optimization

There is no denying that small business owners must know that it is of utmost importance to keep their digital presence strong and updated on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). If you are a business owner or a shop owner, you probably already know that you have to stay in front of your local customers. Therefore, the most important thing you need to do is to ensure that your business appears on “near me” Google searches every time someone makes a search.

Google is known for constantly updating their local SEO algorithm and you should make constant changes in your listing to cope up with these changes. Powerful tools such as Google My Business offer extremely valuable and direct information for users, but it’s your duty to ensure your listing is updated with the latest information.


Honestly speaking the truth is that, even with the best efforts, what the world of digital marketing is going to bring to the table in the coming years. Therefore the only thing we can do is follow the latest strategies and algorithms to ensure our business stays ahead of our competition all time long. If you are looking for a SEO agency Sydney that stays updated with the latest digital marketing trends in 2021, then Supportsoft is where you need to be.