For every business having a streamlined and fast communication channel is important. For ensuring a productive operational model for your business, one must employ a communication channel that everyone can use with ease. In today’s digital era of mobile apps, it is very easy to locate a communication channel that befits your business needs with perfection. For each business, mobile app development is the most essential part of developing mobile applications.

Here is a list of the best five mobile applications that guarantee a seamless communication channel:


Slack has earned a great reputation in recent years and has emerged as one of the hot favorite project management tools. Slack is equipped with distinctive chat rooms classified as a topic, private groups, and direct messaging. It’s very easy to pull up previous conversations and discussions on Slack as it is equipped with an advanced search and filter option. All the files, discussions, and members are searchable. It is available for download on Web, iOS, Android, and Windows.



Skype is a household name that requires no introduction or description. It is widely used by businesses all across the globe for internal as well as external communication. It’s fast, safe and most importantly it's free to download and use. However, it does require payments for making overseas calls but the rates are fairly reasonable considering the quality it offers. It involves no learning curve as the user interface is as simple as it gets and it requires a couple of minutes to get used to.



One of the best benefits of using Whatsapp for internal communication is its ease of use and its popularity. It syncs with your existing contacts in seconds and set-up a WhatsApp account that chugs up in only a minute. It supports videos, images, audio and other eye-catchy features like emoticons and GIFs. It also provides users with ample monitoring options, you can see when your message has been received, viewed with its double and blue tick feature.



Facebook is another household name that is very easy to use and can be put to good use, both professional and personal. Facebook also has its own messaging app and it is also equipped with similar features to Whatsapp. In a professional environment, you can use Facebook to share news and company updates with your team members in a more immersive and intuitive way.



Snapchat is currently renowned as the best mobile camera application. It features tonnes of beautiful and funny filters and it holds a special place for every active social media user. You can share snaps, pictures, and videos with your family and stay updated with the events happening all around.


Wrapping up

With the rise of digital media and faster internet connections, implementing effective communication channels in an operating model of a company is fairly easy. A fast communication channel not only adds to the professional environment of the business but also enhances its overall productivity.