Mobile applications have seen major growth during the last decade. There is no doubt that these apps have enriched people’s lives in a way that is beyond imagination. The demand for these mobile apps has grown so strong that it has also introduced a new platform for software developers to exhibit their skills. The profit that they make is growing progressively with each passing year and the number of downloads an app has is sometimes close to 150 billion.

Key Benefits of Mobile App Development

Quicker and Effective communication: According to the statistics, Facebook and WhatsApp are the highest downloaded apps. Social media apps like these have made communication quicker and more efficient. People are just a click away from reaching out to their friends, family, or business acquaintances. Also, the provision to instantly share photos, videos and documents has made these apps so popular among people of all age groups.

These apps are also coming up with business versions, which are of great help for people to sell and buy their products and services.

Mobile app developers are experimenting to come up with many more such apps which would further ease communication and social interaction among people.

Boon for startups:  Mobile app development is an easy process and light on the pocket. People who venture into startups usually would not want to invest too much into setting up a full-fledged website, so, they usually resort to establishing themselves through mobile apps initially.

Uber and Airbnb are few such businesses that started with mobile app platforms. And it's also a fact that some applications are always used on apps rather than on websites. So mobile apps are a boon to the startup world.

Ease of adding new features: It is easier to upgrade a Mobile Application than a website. Mobile apps are built to suit a particular version of OS, but there would be readily available updates to adapt to the upcoming versions of OS too. There is usually an alert when there is an update available for an application making it easy for the users to stay in sync.

However, on the website, the updates do not auto-reflect. Users might face a problem in browsing if the browser version does not suit the application.

Budget-friendly: Mobile app development has now been so trending that it is being learned and implemented by anyone who has a basic knowledge of programming. Also, some platforms provide an easy interface to develop these apps, so there is potentially very little money that goes into developing an app. A company can build a mobile app on its own instead of spending a lump sum on outsourcing. Also, there is hardly any maintenance or domain cost. So, this works out best for anyone who wants to go easy on the pocket.

Does Your Business Really Need to Develop a Mobile App?

There are some businesses these days that are run entirely through a smartphone. It's probably that era of digitization where everything is coming down to a handheld device like a mobile. However, it is not advisable, or possible for all businesses to shift to the mobile platform. There is a need for proper knowledge about a few points before you decide if your business is really in need of a mobile app.

Here are some factors that will help determine whether your business needs a mobile app or not:

  1. If you run e-commerce where all your sales happen online, then yes, owning a mobile app would greatly help you trade your goods or services. 
  2. If your business is pointed towards the younger generation of the audience then yes, mobile apps would make a lot of impact in gaining attention.
  3. It's good if you can monitor both the mobile app and website traffic for a few days to see which earns more traffic. If you feel like a mobile app is bringing in more traffic, then yes, you can retain the mobile app. 
  4. Also if you feel like your competitors are having a mobile app then having one would be a wise decision.
  5.  If you think some features of mobile like camera and ease of alerts can add value to the online content of your business, then yes, the mobile app is something you need to choose.