Ronnie Coleman

  • Complete design and development of an e-commerce website.
  • Equipping the website with the latest features for an easy user interface.
  • Uploading and management of the products listed on the website.

Ronnie Coleman is one name and personality that requires no introduction at all. Whenever people will discuss the Bodybuilding industry they are bound to mention Ronnie’s name.

He is a living legend who holds the world record of winning the Mr. Olympia title eight times which is yet to be broken. After announcing retirement from professional bodybuilding Ronnie wanted to help other aspiring bodybuilders who were in dire need of proper assistance on nutrition. He decided to do this by launching his very own product line of nutritional products and supplements through an e-commerce store. We count ourselves very lucky that Ronnie trusted us with the responsibility of setting up his store. We equipped his website with the best features and functionalities to ensure a memorable user experience which Ronnie is renowned for and we also worked on the website’s backend for the upload and management of products.

Ronnie Coleman

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