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Its needless to explain the requirements of a Software for any organisation at this stage. Be it your phone, iPad, machine, or any other device, softwares are unavoidable. We will not take time in explaining what it can do for you as you know it already. Here is what Supportsoft Software team can build for you.

  • Softwares and Portals
  • Management Software
  • Industrial Software
  • Retail Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Delivery and Takeaway Management
  • HR and Payroll Software
  • Event Management Software
  • Travel Software
  • Hospital Management
  • Disability Services Management
  • Construction Site Management

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We will need to get you requirements and then our experts will put together the quote including a detailed technical breakdown of the stages to develop further.

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CRM Development

We are experts in customisation, development, and integrations of the following CRM modules:


Our experts can help you with the development of your own CRM system. Not just it, we can customise your existing versions of the CRM modules and ERP system as well. Our well-defined architecture and planned format of codes can form a complete end to end solution for all your customer management requirements. You can bring to us your queries and our experts will be happy to assist you without any charges for further guidance to the product.

Web Application development

With almost a decade of tenure in business applications Supportsoft has provided clients with expertise in developing web-based applications from ground, targeting to improve workflow of SMB’s. Our team carefully checks the requirements, wireframes and develops solutions according to the customer’s individual requirements. It eventually takes the form of business apps that makes sure the client’s business processes nurtures well.

We work with 3rd party consultants who have years of experience in core development and hold certifications like six sigma, NASSCOM, CMMI5,PMP,IATA and VB management.

We also use their services time to time on contractual basis.

We develop following Applications:
Customer Portals
Intranet Portals
Employee Management
Disability Services Software
Construction Site Management
Accounting Management
Payroll and HR
Incident Management Software
Custom Software

Desktop Applications

Supportsoft has expertise in developing cross-platform desktop applications for Microsoft Windows & MacOS. Our team has implemented customised complex desktop applications. We can prepare fast applications that can easily work offline. Some of the Desktop applications are:

  • Medical Billing
  • Grocery Stores
  • Large Retailers
  • Warehouses
  • Car Sales Stores
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Sectors we serve

Our cutting edge softwares have reduced gaps between the Automated machines & human operated systems. With our advanced vision, we aim to reach at a stage where seamless connection between robotics & our civilisation doesn’t seem to be an invention anymore.
We cater to sectors like:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports

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We serve across all industries

We cater our software development services across all the major sectors.

IT & C



Financial Services

Travel & Hospitality





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